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About Us


LeafPacks mission is to produce the best biodegradable plates in the ecuatorian market through innovative processes of production and commercialization. Working under fair trade criteria, seeking to relieve the planet from the consumption of plastics in the food industry.


In two years, LeafPacks will be recognized as a pioneer brand in the production of biodegradable tableware in the ecuatorian market. Promoting changes in the behaviour of society appealing to the sensibility towards environmental issues and consequently transforming consumption habits.

General Aims

Relieve the planet from the consumption of plastic in the food industry through a sanitary safe, visually attractive and 100% biodegradable and compostable alternative.

Specific Aims

  • To encourage changes in the behaviour of society through sensibilization, appeal to individual action and social co-responsability in caring after the natural environment.
  • To influence positively in the consumption habits of society related to the use of disposable plastic tableware.
  • To replace the use of disposable products, specially plastic tableware (synthetic polymers: polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene,polyurethane, etc), with bioplates.
  • To impulse the construction of public policies that will encourage the use of biodegradable tableware to replace the disposable plastic ones, with special atention to national parks, protected areas, areas of massive recreation and similar places.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainability
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Solidarity
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Common Wellbeing

What is Makisami?

Makisami is a word in kichwa that means “hands of success”, and it is the name of a family bussiness, guided by humain principles of associativity and cooperativism, which have allowed them to enter fair trade markets and to proyect themselves as an example of an environtamentally friendly and socially responsable administration.